Make Your Own Wellness

Pickle your veggies, ferment your kombucha,cold-press your coffee, infuse your water, destress your body, heal your gut. We're here to help.

Explore New Territory

Try new recipes, make custom essential oil blends,detox home and office (car too), and find out what amazing feels like.

Share With Makers 

Share what you make with over 60,000 passionate wellness makers. Feel the love and join the fun .

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We live in a Big Brand society that drives mindless consumption.  It makes labels difficult to read and hides toxic chemicals under names like  "natural fragrance" and "natural additives." Consuming these products drains our energy,  overloads our immune systems, and slowly destroys our health.

What's The Solution?

Wellness Makers

Flex your maker muscles... and feel more human, more creative, more alive. Become a Wellness Maker and feel empowered, engaged and ready to take back control over your health.

Make Your Life Healthy & Happy

1 .Get Great Tools

2 .Use Clean Products.

3 .Increase Know How

4 .Share Your Journey

What others have to say about being a Wellness Maker

"I started fermenting as a way to deal with some of my gut issues.  Along the way I realised there was so much more I could do to work on my wellness. Nourished Essentials has been an incredible guide on this journey"

"There is a great community happening at Nourished Essentials.  I initially joined as part of their Fermenting Club, and have been so excited to share with other Wellness Makers the journey I have been on."

"Nourished Essentials makes great products.  But more than that they are a great resource for trying to improve your health.  We all know how important it is to take care of ourselves, but sometimes you don't realise the harm you are doing with everyday products." 

"I use essentials oils in many of my daily routines and have loved the support I have gotten from Nourished Essentials.  They have great products and I can trust what they sell me will be of the highest quality.

Don't let society's drive towards mindless consumerism rob you of another day of health and happiness. Make your own wellness and find out just how amazing healthy can feel.

What Type Of Wellness Maker Are You?