5 Gua Sha Tools to Revitalize Your Face

Gua Sha Tools

Taking good care of your face can often feel much more complicated than it should. There are countless creams, moisturizers, and tools, each of which claims to be an essential part of your skincare routine. The options can be dizzying to consider.

That’s what makes gua sha tools so refreshing. They’re a simple skincare tool with ancient Chinese roots. Using one can not only reduce the puffiness and inflammation in your face but also simulate long-term collagen production for added skin elasticity.

If you’d like to learn more about the healing benefits of gua sha tools, keep reading. Or, you can use the following links to purchase everything that you need to enjoy gua sha today:

What is a gua sha tool, exactly?

Gua sha tools are typically made out of semiprecious stones, such as jade, rose quartz, and amethyst. The tools are carved to have a firm, flat surface.

The literal Chinese translation of gua sha is “scraping”. Although these tools don’t actually exfoliate your face, they are used in a kind of scraping motion. Users press their gua sha tools on their faces and move them in gentle upward strokes.

According to Chinese healing tradition, gua sha tools are supposed to address stagnant chi in the body. This, they believe, is what’s responsible for problems like skin inflammation and chronic pain.

Whether you believe this or not, gua sha tools are gaining more and more popularity in the Western world. This is because they’re simple, affordable tools that offer an easy way to reduce face inflammation and reduce the effects that aging can have on the skin.

What is the best gua sha tool?

There are several different types of gua sha tools for you to choose from and more information about each of them is provided below.

We may be a little biased, but we’re partial to our Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set. It includes everything that you need to enjoy the healing benefits of gua sha for yourself.

The kit includes an all-natural gua sha stone with a jade roller to brighten your complexion and reduce puffiness on contact. You can even apply essential oils while using your gua sha set to provide your skin with even more healing benefits.

What are the benefits of Gua Sha?

Gua sha tools have survived from traditional Chinese culture until today for a good reason. They provide several healing benefits that virtually anybody will be able to benefit from. Here’s an overview of each of those benefits.

Glowing Skin

Gua sha tools can revitalize your skin thanks to the way they boost blood flow in the face. After using a gua sha tool, your circulation will increase. This improves lymphatic function, aids in moisturizer penetration, and may even clear away acne.

An All-Natural Facelift

Purchasing a gua sha tool is the most affordable way to give yourself a facelift. The stones are the perfect shape to sculpt, tighten, and lift sagging skin. Because gua sha tools also help to stimulate circulation, using them on your face will result in increased oxygenation and therefore more nutrients in your aging skin cells.


Traditional practitioners of Chinese medicine used gua sha tools to clear out blocked chi. Many believe that our chi needs to be able to flow throughout our bodies without blockages in order for us to maximize our health and wellness. 

If this is something that you believe in, then gua sha tools are the perfect way to promote better flow by detoxifying and clearing away the blockages near your face.

Tension Relief

Gua sha tools can also be an excellent source of facial tension relief. The pressure that they provide can penetrate the accumulated stress that we hold in our faces without realizing it. They basically allow you to enjoy a deep-tissue facial massage without having to visit a masseuse.

Relaxation Through Grounding

The practice of gua sha can be extremely calming. The movements are slow and involve a deep, yet gentle touch. They can take on a ritualistic quality that calms you down after a long day. You may even be able to reduce your anxiety by consistently using gua sha tools on your face.

What do you use before gua sha?

It’s crucial that you lubricate your skin before using a gua sha tool. Doing so will allow the stone tool to slip and glide across your face with ease instead of getting stuck in certain areas.

You can use this requirement to provide even more nourishing support to your face.

For example, many people use essential oils to lubricate their gua sha tool. You might use lavender essential oil to soothe and relax your facial skin. You could also use bergamot essential oil for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Carrier oils also work incredibly well as lubrication for gua sha tools. For example, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil can reduce inflammation and nourish your skin with their anti-bacterial properties while you use your gua sha tool.

Which is better -- gua sha or jade roller?

Gua sha tools and jade rollers offer similar benefits to your skin. There is no right or wrong choice between the two products. But they do provide slightly different ways to nourish your face that are worth digging into.

Jade rollers are easier to use than gua sha tools, as operating them is as simple as grabbing them and rolling them across your face. The product’s ease-of-use may make you more likely to integrate a jade roller into your daily care routine.

Gua sha tools are a bit more challenging to get the hang of at first. But in time they become easy enough to use as well.

It’s also worth noting that gua sha tools are designed with edges that allow you to create pressure on and stretch your skin at the same time. This makes them more effective at sculpting facial features like cheekbones and jawlines.

Put simply, jade rollers are easier to use but gua sha tools allow you to dig deeper into your skin for added effect. We sell a kit that includes both of these tools if you’d like to give each of them a try.

How often should you gua sha?

You’ll get the most out of a gua sha tool if you use one consistently. But the exact frequency that gua sha tools should be used varies from individual to individual.

Some people use gua sha tools as a part of their daily skincare routine and experience no negative side effects. Others who use them at this frequency may begin to see redness or tenderness in their face.

Consider starting out by using your gua sha tool every other day. Assess how your face feels after a week or two of this and then adjust the frequency with which you use a gua sha tool from there based on your skin’s response.

Does Gua Sha release toxins?

Yes, gua sha tools are designed to release toxins that have been stored deep within your body. When you scrape your face with one, the process will bring both excess heat and toxins to the surface of your skin. It’s only there that they can be effectively released from the body.

If you’re looking for another way to rid your body of harmful toxins, consider purchasing our Wellness Kit. It includes everything you need to create DIY wellness products with all-natural healing properties.

5 gua sha stones to revitalize your face

1. Jade

We use jade in our gua sha set because it’s a stone with natural cooling properties. This makes it the ideal material for gua sha, which is a process that gathers the excess heat in your body near the application site. If you’re looking for a material that will contour and lift your skin while also boosting its clarity, then you can’t go wrong with jade.

2. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is commonly found in gua sha tools because of its natural calming properties. This material is best for those with sensitive, reactive skin, including individuals with acne. Tradition also says that rose quartz opens up the heart chakra, which may add to its healing benefits.

3. Green Aventurine

This is another form of quartz that can be beneficial in gua sha applications. It’s believed that the stone works to eliminate old patterns (like wrinkles) while also promoting happiness, which may have an added benefit for those dealing with frown lines.

4. Bian Stone

Bian stone is a great choice for those who are looking for deep penetration in their gua sha routine. It is the heaviest stone of those listed here and may be able to provide added stress relief because of its high rate of electronic pulses. 

Bian stone originates in the Chinese village of Sibin, making it one of the most authentic materials used in gua sha applications today.

5. Amethyst

Amethyst is similar to jade in that it also has natural cooling properties that make it an excellent fit for gua sha applications. It’s extremely effective at releasing muscle tension (especially in the jaw area). Amethyst may even help to smooth out the jawline calcification that can be caused by inflammation.

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