How To Make Natural Oven Cleaner

Cleaning the oven is not an enjoyable activity but it’s definitely something you have to do to remove the spills and splatters that are inevitable when using the oven. For this task, you don’t have to use any store-bought oven cleaner. Commercial oven cleaners not only have a pungent smell but are also toxic and harmful. Instead, you can use a homemade oven cleaner made with 3 basic ingredients. If you learn how to make this natural oven cleaner, you can easily get rid of spills and splatters and even serious grime and grease buildup.

The natural cleaner and the cleaning technique described below will make your oven look like new. But like with everything else, prevention is better so you should aim to wipe away spills and splatter before they set.

Why Is It Important To Have A Clean Oven?

Simply put – the grease and grim stuck to the oven can negatively impact the dishes you cook. Therefore it is important to clean the oven regularly to get perfect dishes every time.

Natural Oven Cleaner Recipe


  • plastic gloves;
  • plastic spatula;
  • small bowl;
  • paper towels;
  • kitchen sponge.


  • ½ cup of baking soda;
  • 2-3 tablespoons of water;
  • a few drops of tea tree essential oil;
  • a few lemon drops (optional).


Mix the baking soda with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl to make a paste.

Why Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil is commonly used in health and beauty products. Nevertheless, the versatile essential oil is perfect to use in this homemade oven cleaner as well due to its antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties.

How To Use DIY Oven Cleaner

First, remove racks, thermometer, pizza stone, and everything else from the oven.

Then lay out paper towels around the oven to prevent the oven cleaner from staining the floor.

Use the paste to coat the oven surface and let stand overnight or for 10-12 hours. Make sure you avoid heating elements when coating the oven surface. Or, if you have a gas oven, don’t put the oven cleaner where the gas comes from.

In the meantime, soak the racks in the sink in hot water.

To clean the oven, put on plastic gloves and use a plastic spatula to remove the paste.

Use a clean, wet sponge to remove the remaining residue.

For sticky spots, use an abrasive sponge to remove the grease and grime.

Remove the racks from the water and scrub them with a sponge until clean.

Dry the oven and racks with a cloth.

How Often Do You Have To Clean Your Oven?

If you are an avid cook, you will have to clean your oven more often than someone who only cooks on occasion. Generally speaking, you should clean your oven once every three months. However, it is important to pay attention to the appliance and clean it as needed. If the door is coated with grease, it’s probably a good idea to clean the oven before the three months mark. Same thing goes if you notice any residue or crust at the bottom of the oven or if you notice a burnt smell when you fire up the oven.


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