How It Works

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Step 1 - Prep Your Veggies

Cut, slice or shred your veggies. Then Simply transfer into a wide mouth mason jar.

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Step 2 - Transfer To Wide Mouth Mason Jar

Once transferred, just pour the salted water into the wide mouth jar.

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Step 3 - Screw On Your Easy Fermenter Or My Mason Makes Lid

No more burping or monitoring for mold, just wait until the fermentation process is complete. It's that easy.

Choose Your Lid System

Area X Book

The Easy Fermenter - 3 Lids + Pump


Our original fermenting lid... Perfect if you want a dedicated fermenting device.

• No more messing around with multiple air lock pieces with separate lids.
• No more having to fill your airlocks with water
• You don’t even have to change lids when you move your finished ferment to cold storage.
• It’s low profile means you can store your ferments anywhere a mason jar fits

(Jars not included)

Area X Book

My Mason Makes...Fermenting Kit - 4 Pack + Pump + Accessories


Our next generation fermenting tool. Perfect if you want to expand the use of your mason jars to do more than just ferment.

What Is Included

• 4 Wide Mouth Lids(Jars Not Included)
• 4 Fermenting Caps
• 4 Regular Caps
• 1 Handle
• 1 Fine Screen
• 1 Coarse Screen
• 1 Oxygen Extractor

Get The Accessories

The Easy Weight


The easiest way to keep your veggies under the brine. If you’re tired of seeing veggies floating in your fermentation jars then these pickling weights are just what you need.

They’re not only substantial in size but they’re more effective and less of a hassle than DIY weights.

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The Kraut Crusher


MAKE KRAUT IN HALF THE TIME – Packing down your sauerkraut just got a whole lot EASIER. Instead of using a makeshift “sauerkraut pounder” (a rolling pin, pestle, or spoon) you can use this simple kraut crusher. It’s worth its weight in… probiotic rich ferments!

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Additional Lids


Great if you need extra lids for your fermenting projects

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Fermenting Education

Fermenting Zone

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Discover our favourite recipes as well as some usefull getting started guides

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Sauerkraut Basics Course

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Three clearly explained, completely fool proof recipes that you can use to make three different types of delicious, healthy sauerkraut with great results your very first time– even if you’ve never fermented in your life.

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Fermenting Mastery Course

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A Complete, professionally produced video training course that reveals EVERYTHING you need to know about fermenting.

The course contains FOURTEEN professionally produced videos – That’s TWO HOURS of Content
Note this course includes the content from the Sauerkraut Course, so no need to purchase both

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