My Mason Makes...Fermenting Kit

My Mason Makes...Fermenting Kit
My Mason Makes...Fermenting Kit
My Mason Makes...Fermenting Kit
My Mason Makes...Fermenting Kit
My Mason Makes...Fermenting Kit
My Mason Makes...Fermenting Kit
My Mason Makes...Fermenting Kit

Our next-generation fermenting system with multi-purpose lids

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My-Mason-Makes Fermenting Kit equips you to ferment, store, and pour anything your wellness-making heart desires. The lid attachments are interchangeable, so you can switch from fermenting to storing or pouring without ever removing the lid itself. Just change the lid’s cap. My-Mason-Makes uses the same water air-lock valves and vacuum pump for oxygen removal that the Easy Fermenter uses. In addition, it includes storage caps and a handle that attaches to each lid for easy pouring. You’ll be filling your fridge and your pantry with your own healthy concoctions once you try the My-Mason-Makes system. 

Kit Includes: 

  • 4 Lids
  • 4 Fermenter caps
  • 4 Storage caps
  • 1 Fine screen
  • 1 Coarse screen
  • 1 Handle
  • 1 Oxygen Extractor 
  • Wellness Maker Private Community

• A “SET IT & FORGET IT” FERMENTATION KIT -- The My Mason Makes Fermenting Kit is a completely maintenance free fermenting system. No more burping, exploding jars, or worrying. It’s a waterless airlock system that lets carbon dioxide escape without allowing oxygen to enter - for a guaranteed mold free ferment. We even included an oxygen extractor to ensure your ferments stay mold free during the later stages of the ferment.

• MORE THAN JUST A FERMENTER -- Don’t buy a ‘Unitasker’ device! The My Mason Makes system is designed as a series of interchangeable parts that lets you expand and explore the functionality of your mason jars by attaching different compatible pieces. Perfect for when you don’t have your ferments going and you want to use your lids for something else.

• EXTRA MY MASON MAKES ACCESSORIES INCLUDED -- As a bonus with your order we are including FREE My Mason Makes modules. Also included is 4x regular caps, flip cap, coarse filter, fine filter and our detachable handle. Turn your mason jar into a pitcher, liquid storage, dry storage, loose fruit infuser, vacuum sealer and more. The only limit is your imagination.

• WE WILL HELP YOU START FERMENTING -- There’s no better feeling than succeeding from the start. Which is why, for a limited time, we are including a FREE membership to The Fermenting Club. With it, you’ll get 1)18 Recipe Printed Booklet 2)Fermenting Primer eBook 3)And access to our “Ask The Experts Forum” where our team of pros will field any of your questions.

• THE “LOVE WHAT YOU MAKE” GUARANTEE -- Our goal is to get more people in the kitchen making healthy foods a regular staple in their diet. We are passionate about the power that food can have on one’s health. All our products are BPA FREE and Food Safe. Additionally, we offer a 1 year manufacturing warranty on all orders because we want you to succeed in whatever you create.

My Mason Makes… Fermenting Kit

Kit included everything you need to start fermenting in wide mouth mason jars

Premium Access To Fermentation Forums & Recipes

Expand The Utility Of Wide Mouth Mason Jars

Experiment With Novel Combinations Across Our Kits

My Mason Makes is designed for makers and growers to venture outside the normal boundaries of single-use devices, appliances, and tools. Thus all of the above accessories are compatible with any of our kits.

Explore our various listings to get an idea of what unique combinations of pieces you might like to trial. If you see a certain piece that you’d like to try out with our fermentation kit then go ahead and order it.

There’s an almost endless amount of possibilities to play around with. Once you get started you will discover for yourself how true that is.