My Mason Makes... Total Kit

My Mason Makes... Total Kit
My Mason Makes... Total Kit
My Mason Makes... Total Kit
My Mason Makes... Total Kit
My Mason Makes... Total Kit

Versatile lid system fit onto wide-mouth Mason jars so you can ferment

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My-Mason-Makes Total Kit is the Swiss Army knife of wellness. With it, you can make Mason jars into just about anything. The lid attachments are interchangeable, so you can switch from fermenting to storing or pouring without ever removing the lid itself. Just change the lid’s cap. My-Mason-Makes uses the same water air-lock valves and vacuum pump for oxygen removal that the Easy Fermenter uses. In addition, it includes flip caps and handles for easy pouring. And, if you want to store grains and other dried goods, simply screw on the storage cap. Once you try the My-Mason-Makes system, you’ll be filling your fridge and pantry with unlimited healthy concoctions. 

Kit Includes: 

  • 6 Lids (Jars Not Included) 
  • 6 Flip caps
  • 6 Air-tight caps
  • 6 Handles
  • 6 Vacuum Sealing/Fermenting Caps
  • 3 Fine screens
  • 3 Coarse screens
  • 1 Oxygen extractor/vacuum pump

What Is My Mason Makes...?

Pour, store, ferment, brew… it’s up to you. That’s the magic of the My Mason Makes system. With interchangeable accessories that make Mason jars into the most useful thing in your kitchen, My Mason Makes kits are designed for growers and makers who just love to experiment. You can combine pieces from our different kits to make unique combinations to suit your needs. The only limit is your imagination.

If you have a bunch of wide mouth mason jars laying around your kitchen then it’s time to put them to good use! With My Mason Makes lids for mason jars you can improve your food storage system by utilising glassware you already own.

Upgrade Your Wide Mouth Mason Jars With Our Airtight Lids

Discover The Versatility Of Just One Jar

Included Extras: 2X Lid Filters, 1X Flip Cap, 1X Handle

Combine Different Kits To Create & Innovate

One of the advantages behind the My Mason Makes brand is the interchangeability of all the accessories we manufacture. By no means are you limited to using a lid, flip cap, and handle from this listing.

Take a look at our other listings to see what type of pieces you might like to combine. You may, for example, want to pair a fermenting cap with a fruit infuser to experiment with different kombucha brews.

Whether you consider yourself a maker, grower, or DIYer you’ll be able to maximize your creative powers with this system. The possibilities are only limited by what you can think up.