The Easy Fermenter Full Kit - 3 Lids + 3 Weights + Pump
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The Easy Fermenter Starter (Full) Kit makes sure you have everything you need all in one place for simple, successful fermenting. Using Nourished Essentials famous set-it-and-forget-it approach to fermenting, the Easy Fermenter system removes the annoying parts of fermenting. Zero chance of mold, no checking on whether your ferment is finished, no stuck lids that you can't twist open, and a date setter right in the lid (so you don't forget when you started your ferment). Every time you fill a jar, your actions cast a vote for a healthier you. Way to go, Wellness Maker. 

Kit Includes: 

  • 3 Easy Fermenter Lids (wide mouth mason jars not included)
  • 3 Easy Weights
  • 1 Vacuum Pump 
  • Recipe Booklet
  • Wellness Maker Private Community
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Customer Reviews

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Craig A. Manock
Something’s not right. Don’t order at this point.

Placed order never heard a word. Only thing that was noted on the order was order placed. Credit card was charged. Emailed 2-3 times, finally heard back and they said they were having issues with supply and they canceled my order. Asked when the product was going to become available and never heard back from them. Website still shows the product available and ready to order at this point in time I will look elsewhere.

Ghosted by Company

UPDATE: After posting this review on 1/11/20024 I got an email from them on 1/12/2024 saying that due to an inventory issue they are canceling my order

12/29/2023 - Placed order
1/4/2024 - Sent email checking on ETA
1/7/2024 - Got general email from them saying something along the lines of "by now you should have your item. How do you like it?
1/8/2024 - 2nd email to them checking on status of order based on the email saying I should have received it

I have not gotten any email responses, their chat option does not work and they list no email anywhere. When looking up information returns (looking for a cancel option) I found an email address [****] listed. That seemed promising since I found a quote on website from a Gavin Berman - Founder - Nourished Essentials. However that lead nowhere since the email bounced back as it not being a correct email address.

I would think that they are had gone out of business or something if not for all the newsletter emails they sent out. Since placing my order on 12/29 I got my initial order confirmation email followed by 8 generic even offering me a 15% discount on my next order how about you get me my first order before trying to get me to place another....or answer one of my emails letting me know if there is some delay for some reason.

John Waddell
Bad company!

I never recieved my order and the company has not even replied to my messages. When I try to reply to one of their advertisements I get a message that the address does not exist.
This looks like a scam to me!!
No stars
John Waddell
Houston Texas

robert oldenski

The Easy Fermenter Full Kit - 3 Lids + 3 Weights + Pump

alan plofker
Great product!

This is the 3rd or 4th order I've placed. This is a very good product - makes fermenting easy!

Sadie K
Excellent Quality

Recommended - well built lids and pump. The booklet with recipes is also useful!

K Hanson
Easy Peasy

Such an easy way to ferment small batches! Will be ordering more lids as I expand the types of food yo ferment!

Great Product

I am a repeat purchaser of the Easy Fermenter Kit. It is so easy to ferment food from my garden and the product turns out so great with this kit. I will be preserving food by fermenting from now on.