Mighty Immunity Blend

100% Pure Organic Essential Oil

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Give Your
Immunity Some
Power This Fall
With Mighty
Immunity 100%
Essential Oil Blend

Boost & Defend Your Immunity
+ Accelerate Home Wellness

Sustainably Made | Transparent | Organic | Vegan | Cruelty-Free.

Mighty Immunity Is Our Best Selling Blend
For Defending Your Immune System

“A++ Recommended!”

Support Your Immune System Detoxify & Reduce Cold Symptoms Strengthen Your Respiratory Function Purify The Atmosphere Of Airborne Germs Sanitize For Healthy Home Surfaces 

Made ethically and sustainably extracted as 100% pure
essential oils, to preserve their authentic healing and
immune-boosting powers.

Mighty Immunity

A Curated Blend Of Ancient Healing Plants

Organic Sweet

Scent: minty, pine, honey

Powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties. Fights viruses. Treats respiratory illnesses. Loosens phlegm and relieves congestion. Helps silence a cough. Stimulating to the immunesystem. Bacteria fighting.

Siberian Fir

Scent: fresh, sweet, woodsy

Supports respiratory health. Helps open airwaves to breathe more easily. Help ease your sore throat. Relieves sore muscles and joints. Reduces germs. Calming, balancing, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Scent: floral, citrus, lemon

Strengthens immunity. Detoxifies. Reduces symptoms of the flu, colds, and fever. Helps ease inflammation.
Promotes a healthy heart.

How To Use Mighty Immunity Blend


Support your immune system, breathe in immunity defence, purify your air, and protect your health in your home and office.


Use as a body spray and breathe in immune boosting properties for immediate healing effects wherever you go.


Adding a few drops to an inhaler or use with steam inhalation to help clear congested sinuses, and fight off sickness.


Detoxify and rub on your body for an
immunity-supporting, calming and relaxing massage. (Blend first with a little carrier oil —like jojoba oil— to dilute its powers for topical application) 

Aromatic Bath

Add drops to your bath to encourage
deep breaths of Mighty Immunity for a healthy immune system.


Add oil to water in a spray bottle, and use it to immediately disinfectant and clean surfaces.

Use Mighty Immunity to strengthen and
defend viruses, respiratory illness, and fight
cold season. Purify your home of airborne
germs, and breathe in clean and healthy air.

Rated 5 stars


Mighty Immunity provides key antioxidants to give your immune system a quick boost through pure essential oils.


Accelerate home wellness and detoxify your home with
the air purifying properties of Mighty Immunity. 


Mighty Immunity works directly to strengthen your immune system with its powerful compounds of plant oils.


The powerful antibacterial properties in Mighty Immunity help defend your immunity system from viruses, colds and seasonal illness.


On all day!
This has really become the smell of our house. We have it in our diffuser running almost 24/7. Well at least during waking hours ?? I love the smell and feels like it really purifies the air.”

Amazing Smell
I love this smell. Also love some of the Nourished Essentials other blends. Originally purchased this as part of one of their kits, although the other oils in their kits are great, this is my favorite.”

Love the Mighty immunity scent. 
I primarily use this in our DIY homemade cleaner sprays. The Eucalyptus and Siberian Fir give this blend a fantastic smell, but also great properties for germ killing.  Highly recommended!”

Boost & Defend Your Immunity
+ Accelerate Home Wellness

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