Don't water down the healing impact of your essential oils.

Introducing...the Pure Aroma Diffuser

The revolutionary portable diffuser with:

No water
No spills
No mess
No cords

No Water


USB & Wall Plug

Long Charge

The Pure Aroma Diffuser makes it is easy to ditch store-bought chemically toxic air-fresheners and replace them with 100% unadulterated organic essential oils.

Simplify your essential oils routine!

Press on top.
Lid pops up.

Screw oil
onto lid.

Place back in

Push top down
to close.

No need to add water.
No cords to get in the way.
72 hours of pure healing bliss.

Wellness Maker Tool Tech

Like all the Wellness Tools from Nourished Essentials, The Pure Aroma Diffuser is Made for Makers!

Water-free Potency. Pure Aroma Diffuser doesn't dilute the potency of your essential oils by adding water.

Practical and Compact. Small in size, this diffuser will quickly become your go-to. Just insert a 10ml bottle and press on.

Portable and Cordless. The long 72-hour charge means you can take your wellness with you wherever you go.

Targeted Benefits. 3 dispersion settings allow for more targeted, precise aromatherapy treatments.

Stylish Functionality. A matte black cylinder with white lid, the Pure Aroma Diffuser goes with any interior style.

Not Too Girly for the Guys. Men and women alike love the simple look and smooth feel of the Pure Aroma Diffuser.

Do you have any of these needs?

A lot of living happens in the car

Switch out toxic car air-fresheners for natural essential oils and bring your wellness with you. The Pure Aroma Diffuser is fits perfectly into a standard car cup holder. Keep it handy to help alleviate the frustration and stress of traffic jams or to refresh your focus and concentration on long drives.

When you need to recharge naturally

Certain oils(peppermint, eucalyptus, &lemon, among others) need potency to deliver optimal relief. Place the Pure Aroma Diffuser close to your bedside, your resting chair or wherever else you go to rest and recover. The portability and compact size of this diffuser lets you take it any where without having to unplug cords or move things aside.

When others are sensitive to certain oils

Do you have family members or work colleagues who prefer different essential oils than you? Overcome the problem of keeping everyone happy with the Pure Aroma Diffuser's targeted release. You get the full benefit of whichever oil you need without the scent dominating the entire home or office space. And since it's portable, you can pick it up and take it with you.

What others are saying about Pure Aroma Diffuser

Spoiler Alert! They love it!

"I keep mine in my car. The scent is so much cleaner than car-made air fresheners and I love that it charges using my car's USB port." Angie M.

"I'm a big fan of essential oils but I had no idea what I was missing until I got the Pure Aroma Diffuser. Thank you Nourished Essentials!" Cindy D.

"It's my afternoon go-to at work.When 3:00 hits and I just can't focus anymore, 20 minutes of Mental Reboot is more refreshing than a Pepsi, and a lot better for me." Rob B.

Just how sure are we you'll love the targeted benefits and mess-free portability of our Pure Aroma Diffuser?

So sure we're giving you a 100% satisfaction 60-days no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Top 10 reasons to add the Pure Aroma Diffuser to your Wellness Maker toolkit

  • It's water-free. Woo-hoo!
  • It's portable. Carry with you anywhere.
  • It's compact. It fits in a standard car cup holder.
  • It's cordless. 72-hour charge.
  • It's mess-free. No water steam residue on your furniture.
  • It's targeted. Get the full potency of your oils without watering them down.
  • It has 3 different potency settings.
  • It fits 10 ml bottles of oil perfectly. Easy replacement.
  • It renews you. Take your personal master blends with you anywhere.
  • It's 100 guaranteed. 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.