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Get started with fermenting. Learn how to make fermented foods at home that you and your family will love. And, for a fraction of the cost of buying expensive fermented foods at the grocery store!

In The Fermenting Mastery Course, you can master the simple techniques that add rich nutrients and probiotics to your foods for improved gut health, enhanced immune system, and a healthier way of living that you can rely on. 

Inside our professional training videos, you’ll develop the skills, and find all the information, techniques, and confidence-building recipes you need to make your fermenting dream a reality!

Look no further… 

We’ve made fermenting easy for you to Master!

“Fermenting made easy! Takes the uncertainty and fear out of
home fermenting. Very good, easy to understand and follow. Sure to make fermenting a success in your home.” - Lorie Clark

“Finally made the purchase and I am glad did! Just had my first batch sauerkraut and it was yummy! Loved knowing all those good bacteria are making my gut healthy. Also made a great garlic, curry cauliflower. Easy and the company helps with lots of good info and follow up. Can't wait to try more.” - Gloria Lindsey

“Perfect for a newbie
This was a great tutorial! Very informative and specific so I knew exactly what to do. I had never made sauerkraut before and was a little intimidated. This made it very simple for me to get it done. I am waiting for it to be done fermenting so I can taste it!! Very helpful! Thank you!!”! - Hilary Kuhse

“Good fermenting receipts
Step by step instructions that make fermenting easy…” - Leslie Moore

Inside The Fermenting Mastery Course You’ll Discover:

  •  2-Hours of Complete Professional Video Content
  • 14 Professionally Guided Fermenting Videos
  • The Secret Art Of Fermenting
  • How To Master Fermenting With Step-by-Step Instructions
  • How To Make Popular Fermenting Recipes Perfect Every Time
  • Techniques To Make Your Own Ferments Successful
  • Full Printable Course Outline To Organize your Recipes

BONUS! Easy Fermenting Cheat Sheet!  


The Fermenting Mastery Course you’ll learn how to confidently make delicious and flavourful fermented foods, from simple Sauerkrauts to authentic Korean Kimchi.

You’ll develop the right skills and master the techniques to experiment and come up with your own delicious recipes — that you can enjoy with your family, too! 

Go at your own pace, learn recipes one at a time.

Get lifetime access to the training, and save boatloads of money making your own healthy fermented foods at home. 

All inside The Fermenting Mastery Course!

“Finally made the purchase and I am glad did!
Just had my first batch sauerkraut and it was yummy! Loved knowing all those good bacteria are making my gut healthy. Also made a great garlic, curry cauliflower. Easy and the company helps with lots of good info and follow up. Can't wait to try more” - Gloria Lindsey


“Great Course! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the easy-to-follow video tutorials for creating amazing fermented recipes. Highly recommend Nourished Essentials products. I want them all!!” - Kelly

“ Very helpful !
As a brand new fermenter this course gave me a perfect starting place!” - Sarah Hoffman


Are you just starting out with fermenting? Perfect!

You’ll learn a fool-proof way to have your ferments always taste
delicious and have a balanced flavour — with no bitterness.

What about that fizz? No problem! You’ll learn the secrets behind the bubble and fizz…and how to perfect it!

Do you know what to do about kahm yeast, or what the difference is
between yeast and mold? Don't worry… we’ll make sure you do!

Not sure when your ferments are ready to eat, and if they are safe from dangerous bacteria? We got you covered. 

You’ll understand what to look for in fermentation, how to make the perfect brine, how fresh your vegetables need to be, how to create a truly fine-dining level of ferment, and more.

In 2-hours you’ll learn all the techniques you need to master fermenting and create your own signature ferments —for you and your family to enjoy!


  • Master a complete set of detailed, step-by-step video instructions that will give you the confidence to create ferments that you’re proud of, every single time!  
  • Gain expertise and confidence without the years of trial and error
  • Find out the real reason you should never buy commercially fermented foods from the supermarket if you value your health. 
  • Learn a cheap, simple, do-it-yourself fermentation trick that gives
    your ferments a sharp, tangy flavor.
  • Find out what 4 simple ingredients add incredible depth, complexity, and flavor to your ferments.
  • Know where the best place to store your ferments is, and exactly how long you should be fermenting them before storing in the fridge.
  • A simple tip that can massively reduce your risk of spoilage.
  • Quickly develop the skills to make your own fermenting recipes. 
  • Learn how to pick up almost any vegetable for a fraction of the price
  • Discover the “lazy person’s” way to incorporate fermented foods
    into your everyday diet.
  • Incorporate a simple, two-second trick to make sure your ferments never turn rotten or moldy.
  • Learn how to create ferments with a large amount of probiotics to
    help preserve your digestive health. 
  • Avoid the embarrassing mistakes that even experienced fermenters make.
  • A delicious ferment that is ready to eat in just 15 minutes.

“Great sauerkraut. Great instructions and my sauerkraut is fermenting now and looking good. Love your fermenting products. Makes it easy.” - Red dirt girl

“Step by step perfection..
Learn the easy way with these videos.” - Leslie Moore


Imagine NEVER needing to buy expensive fermented foods again from the grocery store! 

In Only 2 Hours…

You’ll learn how to master the most popular fermenting recipes and understand the DIFFERENT fermenting skills and techniques used for each different video recipe. 

ALL of our video recipes are specifically designed to give you the confidence and skills you need to make perfect ferments and start creating ferments on your own! 

Take A Look At All The Videos Included! (Scroll Sideways)

Video 1 – Simple Sauerkraut

Mastering this simple Sauerkraut technique is the first step to
complete fermenting confidence. And if you’re thinking “I already
know how to make sauerkraut” then watch this video to find out if
you’ve been doing it the easy way or the hard way.

Video 2 – Beet Kraut

Sometimes creating something new and adventurous is as simple as
trying a new ingredient. This video will teach you how to create a
delicious, deep purple beet kraut – and show you techniques that you
can apply to your own creative ferments.

Video 3 – Exploring New Kraut Flavorings 

Now it’s really time to get creative. This video teaches you how to
infuse your ferments with additional flavors. You’ll get some
suggestions for great flavors that go with sauerkraut, and a technique
you can use for coming up with your own.

Video 4 – Carrot Medley

Fermented carrots are incredibly delicious and healthy, and with the
detailed instructions in this video, you can’t go wrong. You’ll discover
two extra flavorings to make your carrots really zing.

Video 5 – Carrot Salad 

Even the most experienced fermenters get nervous about fermented
salads. In this video, we’ll give you the techniques you need to
approach fermented salads with confidence so that you and your
family can enjoy their delicious gut-friendly flavors.

Video 6 – Carrot Kraut 

Kraut doesn’t begin and end with cabbage. This video won’t just
show you how to make delicious carrot kraut. It will also give you the
techniques and knowledge you need to experiment with other types
of kraut, and some tips you can use to improve the flavor of all your

Video 7 – Asparagus 

This video shows you how to create a truly fine dining level ferment.
You’ll also get valuable information on how to create your own
elegantly simple ferments that will impress anyone you serve.

Video 8 – Dill Pickles

If you’re used to eating store-bought dill pickles, you’ll be absolutely
shocked at the depth of flavor that can be produced when you create
your own fermented version. You’ll also discover a way to substitute
ingredients in recipes to create your own flavor combinations.

Video 9 – Dilly Beans

If you haven’t tried your own dilly beans yet, you’re in for a treat.
These delicious tasting beans are a firm fermenting favorite, for good
reason! We’ll show you an easy to way to create probiotic-rich green
beans, and also give you some quick tips to add extra flavour in all
your ferments.

Video 10 – Cucumber Kimchi 

Most ferments require a huge amount of patience. You might not
taste the fruits of your labor for weeks or even months. But this
delicious recipe is ready to eat in just 15 minutes. You’ll also get the
confidence to create more fast-fermentation recipes of your own.

Video 11 – Authentic Korean Kimchi 

Kimchi is an absolutely iconic ferment. Sadly many new fermenters
worry that it’s tough to get the blend of seasonings right. In this video,
we’ll give you the exact blend of seasonings they use in Korea, and
tell you exactly where you can find them at a great price.

Video 12 – Hot Sauce 

If you like spice, this video is a must-watch. Hot sauce from the
grocery store is expensive, and it’s tough to find one that suits your
palate and your spice tolerance perfectly. In this video we’ll teach you
how to balance the spice perfectly to your taste, to create a hot
sauce that’s cheaper, healthier, and more delicious than the store
bought version. 

Video 13 – Sweet Pepper Salsa

Many fermenters love making tomato salsa, but there’s so much more
to salsa than just tomatoes. This video will teach you how to create a
delicious salsa with sweet peppers. Once you’ve learned the
technique, it’s a great opportunity to get creative and ferment your
own trademark salsa to make your family proud.  

Video 14 – Corn Relish 

Corn relish is an old fashioned condiment that tastes incredible on
sandwiches, and making your own sandwich relish doesn’t have to
be difficult. This video will teach you the technique, and then you can
start creating your own.

“Very Encouraging I seldom do reviews, but I was sufficiently impressed by the video that I wanted to tell others about it. I thought that the video was very encouraging because it took a lot of the mystery out of making sauerkraut. With all the little tips along the way I’m sure I can do this successfully too. I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet with the onset of the coronavirus lockdown but I plan to soon. The video also made me want to learn more.” - Brian Post

“Fermenting Baby Steps
Being a beginner in fermenting and not knowing anyone who has done this, I needed a little guidance to get started. This video walked me through everything you need to get started with your first sauerkraut. It was much easier than I had imagined and I really had no questions after viewing the video. It is a very detailed video but easy to follow. After viewing, I sliced, salted, jarred and brined my first ferment. It was just that easy.” - James Hood

Get started with fermenting and enjoy the incredible health benefits
of eating homemade fermented foods — straight from your kitchen.

Don't buy another jar of store-bought pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, or
any other expensive fermented food again!

Create your own ferments with fresh, cost-effective ingredients that
you can buy yourself —and save boatloads of money making your
own delicious fermented foods at home… 

That are even better tasting!  

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Fermenting Mastery Course is guaranteed to teach you
delicious, gut-healthy, digestive-happy, immune-boosting
that you and your family are sure to enjoy! 

We are so sure that you’ll love our Fermenting Mastery Course that we offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Order now, and if you don’t agree that this course contains the most
valuable, practical, easy-to-use fermenting knowledge available
, then just let us know and we’ll refund all of your money.

No questions asked.

Again, if you’re not convinced after 30 days that you haven't received the value we’ve promised you, we will happily refund all of your money. 


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