The Easy Fermenter

3 Lid Pack + FREE BONUS Vacuum Pump

$39.00       $27.50       Save $11.50

Join thousands of happy fermenters to turn any wide mouth mason jar into a probiotic fermenting machine.

  • Easy to seal, get a perfect ferment every time!
  • Built-in date tracker, know when your batch is ready
  • Get gut-healing probiotics, Lacto-fermented vegetables are a cost-effective + all natural
  • Easy-open tab. No more stubborn jars!
  • Made to fit on any wide mouth mason jar “Wide Mouth Mason Jars Not Included”
  • Never deal with clunky airlocks again
  • UNBEATABLE 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Over 100,000+ Successful Ferments

As Seen In:

Boost Your Probiotic Health The Natural Way

Lacto-fermented vegetables provide a viable source of probiotics to heal and maintain a healthy gut.

Save Money with Natural Ingredients

At a lower cost than most probiotic supplments, these crispy, sour, salty vegetables are a highly effective and easy way to maintain a healthy gut.

Balance Your Gut

These beneficial microorganisms attach to receptors in our guts that send a signal to the immune system that says everything is okay, keeping everything calm.

Eat Better, Feel Better

If you are dealing with multiple allergies, chances are your gut is out of balance and is in need of a daily dose of beneficial microorganisms.

The Easiest Way To Make Lacto Fermented Foods - Guaranteed!

Step 1:

Prepare Your Recipe

Step 2:

Fill Your Mason Jar

Step 3:

Put On & Vacuum Seal
Your Easy Lid

Step 4:

Set Your Date On The Built-In Date Tracker

Make A Perfect Batch With Our Built-In Date Tracker

The key to a successful ferment is getting the timing right, every time.

Set It & Forget it

Our date tracker is built into each lid, so you know exactly when that batch is nearing the end of its fermenting cycle.

Great Taste, Every Time

Too soon, and your batch is salty and raw. Too long, it’s sour and not eatable. Our lids will help you to achieve those delicious flavors, every time.

Keep Track Of Multiple Batches

We know you often have more than one batch going at once, with our date-tracker, you just set your date to let you know which batch is ready to go!

“Let The Fun Begin”

“I’ve barely had my new fermenter kit two weeks and I have two ferments

- Gail. T

Quality Tools, Perfect Results

After using poor solutions for hundreds of ferments, we became increasingly fed up and
we knew there was a better way... So we invented it!

Waterless Airlock Valve

Ensures absolutely no oxygen can enter but lets the carbon escape, eliminating any chance of mold

Date Setter

Get the perfect tasting ferments by keeping track of when each batch has started.

Easy Release Tab

Prevent the frustration and sore hands caused by hard to open lids.

Oxygen Extractor

Use the extractor to pull the oxygen for a guaranteed ferment

Never Struggle with Fermentation Again!

Happy Customers

With over 100,000+ successful ferments, our customers have a lot to say (and a lot to eat)!

Maryilyn Holloway

Fermenting nicely
The kit is so easy to use and I now have Brussel Sprouts Kimchee fermenting nicely. I can't wait for a taste!

Sallie Butcher

Easy fermenter full kit
We have our first sauerkraut and I started some KIMCHI today. We are very happy and excited about our new adventure. I'm already thinking of what I want to do next.Thank you

Pete Gertonson

Love my Kit!
Just what I needed to gain confidence to expand trying new recipes in fermenting veggies! Made cabbage and carrot kraut, and pickled cauliflower and carrots. So happy with these wonderful tools!!

Paul Streiff

Great Product
Thanks for providing a solid product to begin my journey of fermenting. The items I received were well packaged and are solidly made. I have my first batch going already and look forward to the first tastes!

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