Wellness Maker 30 Day Challenge 


Today we embark on our Wellness Making Journey in earnest. Our starting point? Your very own humble abode.

A home can be a retreat from the outside world. But sometimes, the outside world (and its toxic chemicals) manages to sneak its way into every corner of your house. We are here to tell you there is an alternative to the high-toxicity products that stock the shelves of the supermarket. The good news? You have the power to make change. The even better news is that it’s easy, fun, and often less expensive to do so.

Learning to detox your cleaning habits will result in a purer living space, one that’s simply better for you, for your family and for the earth. How close are you to achieving a home and life filled with natural, home made, eco-friendly products?

Today’s challenge:

Today's challenge is about learning about ourselves so we get a good starting point for improvement.

Answer our questions to find out how you score on chemical-free cleanliness.  

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