My Mason Makes Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid

My Mason Makes Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid
My Mason Makes Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid
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What Is My Mason Makes...?

Pour, store, ferment, brew… it’s up to you. That’s the magic of the My Mason Makes system. With interchangeable accessories that make Mason jars into the most useful thing in your kitchen, My Mason Makes kits are designed for growers and makers who just love to experiment. You can combine pieces from our different kits to make unique combinations to suit your needs. The only limit is your imagination.

If you have a bunch of wide mouth mason jars laying around your kitchen then it’s time to put them to good use! With My Mason Makes lids for mason jars you can improve your food storage system by utilising glassware you already own.

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So why are we giving this away? We think you are going to love using the My Mason Makes... lids on your mason jars. So we are giving one away because we think once you start using them in your kitchen you will ultimately end up buying more lids from us.  Pretty simple.