My Mason Makes... Cold Brew Coffee Kit

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Cold-brewed coffee allows flavor in and keeps bitterness out. Now you can brew, store and pour your coffee from a single container. The metal filter is designed specifically for cold brews. Brew your coffee overnight, then remove the filter, screw on the store cap and take your spill-proof coffee anywhere. The flip cap makes for easy pouring and the handle turns your thermos into a coffee jug. The kit contains two lids, so you can prepare for that afternoon energy slump by making enough for two large servings at once and storing one for later in the day. 

Kit Includes: 

  • 1 Thermal bottle
  • 2 My-Mason-Makes lids
  • 2 Regular caps
  • 1 Flip cap
  • 1 Handle
  • 1 cold-brew metal filter

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    Customer Reviews

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    Great Products

    I have purchase several kits for basic refrigerator canner and some fermentation. The pour spouts work wonderfully on the 2L(64oz) jars I ferment my Shurbs(drinks) as well as the fermentation caps for pickle and hot sauces. I've also purchased the coffee cold brew thermos and it works but would love seeing a thermos styled lid that can use the kit sieves and caps to better maintain cold/hot temperatures of the thermos.

    LOVE the cold brew kit!

    That filter makes the very best cold brew. High quality tools for DIY healthy foods and drink!


    AWESOME way to make my own HOME MADE cold brew

    Cold Brew Coffee

    The kit works well, but it could use a fine strainer over top of the cold brew filter. I emailed company but no response.

    My Mason - Cold Brew Coffee Kit review

    The Mason Cold Brew Coffee Kit is super amazing. The canister can be used as a hot or cold thermos, as well as making cold brew coffee or tea. It's really nice for road trips, vacations and hotel stays because you have a reliable means to make or bring coffee etc.. Additionally, the screw top pour lids have a handle, and fit on wide mouth mason jars. I often use the glass Mason jar for infused water and use the cold brew coffee pour top on the jar. We love the kit.

    Use it all the time!

    My husband has really gotten the hang of using it. he loves this! so glad i got it for him.

    Works great

    The coffee cylinder is a little difficult to attach to top

    Love this Kit

    I love this kit. I no longer need a coffee pot taking up space on my counters and I can make strong coffee to last 2-3 days instead of making coffee daily. The flip top lid is too loose and needs to be more secure as it pops off often. Overall, a great product!