Renewed Calm Blend

Renewed Calm Blend

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Renewed Calm Blend

Reset and recharge your inner self and boost your confidence level by introducing Renewed Calm Blend into your everyday life. This comforting blend of carefully selected essential oils helps relieve mental tension and strengthen your focus in facing stressful situations.

  • Helps soothe nervous tension
  • Helps promote quality sleep
  • Creates a peaceful atmosphere

Therapeutic benefits:

The naturally soothing Renewed Calm is specially formulated to help ease any tension or discomfort you might be facing in your everyday life.

The calming properties of Red Mandarin and Mandarin Petitgrain essential oils found in this blend help balance your inner energy and slowly relax your muscles. 

The unwinding properties of Lavender and Sweet Marjoram essential oils found in this blend help tend to your mental and physical health, stabilizing your emotions and enabling a restful sleep.

How to use

Topical application - dilute 10 drops in 1 teaspoon of jojoba or hazelnut carrier oil

Whole body massage - dilute 5 drops in 1 teaspoon of jojoba or hazelnut carrier oil

Physical tension or muscle pain: Topical application on temple/chest area or aromatic bath

Mental tension and/or stress: Diffusion or aromatic bath

Sleep deprivation, insomnia: Diffusion or aromatic bath

This blend of essential oils includes:

Red Mandarin, Lavender Extra, Sweet Marjoram and Mandarin Petitgrain