Restored Radiance Blend

Restored Radiance Blend

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Restored Radiance Blend

Dive in the sea of blissfulness and serenity and nourish your body and soul by introducing the Restored Radiance Blend to your palate of senses. 

  • Refreshing and stimulating
  • Helps maintain inner balance
  • Helps ease stress and tension

Therapeutic benefits

The balancing Restored Radiance Blend is composed of some of the finest essential oils that tend to your every need. 

The Lavender and Sweet Lavandin essential oils found in this blend help reduce mental tension and dissipate negative emotions while helping stabilize your inner self.

 The invigoratingly boosting Rosemary essential oil found in this blend helps support your mind and body in challenging activities while improving your energy levels and boosting your confidence. 

This trio of nourishing essential oils make this blend ideal for using in pressuring situations, such as confronting an illness, surgery or any kind of life challenges.

How to use

Topical application - dilute 10 drops in 1 teaspoon of jojoba or hazelnut carrier oil

Whole body massage - dilute 5 drops in 1 teaspoon of jojoba or hazelnut carrier oil

Exhaustion: Aromatic bath or whole body massage

Mental tension and/or stress: Diffusion or aromatic bath

This blend of essential oils includes:

Rosemary, Lavender Extra and Sweet Lavandin