Deep Sleep Wellness Maker Kit

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Feeling restless at night? Need a good night’s rest?

Then our Deep Sleep Wellness Kit is for you. Bring on the night! Our curated collection of sleep-romoting, pure organic essential oils help calm your mind, body, and spirit…

So you can finally get the deep, relaxing sleep you’ve been searching for. Your tired eyes don’t stand a chance!

Our sleep-promoting essential oils are pure and organic, and will quite possibly bring you —your best sleep ever! Make custom blends, roller bottles, pillow sprays, serums, aroma baths and more

All the ingredients and tools you need to help with your anxiety. This kit includes:

  • 10ml Organic Sweet Orange
  • 10ml Organic Lavender
  • 10ml Organic Mandarin 
  • 5ml Organic Frankincense
  • 60ml Organic Jojoba carrier oil
  • 120ml Organic Neroli Hydrosol
  • 10ml Roller bottles (3)
  • Glass 10mL bottles (4)
  • Dropper 20mL bottle (2)
  • Spray 30mL bottle (2)
  • Wellness Maker labels
  • Printed 20 Essential Oil “Deep Sleep” Recipes booklet
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