The Nourished Essentials Difference

Why Quality Matters

Quality is everything when it comes to essential oils. We strive to source the highest quality oils available. Every batch tested for total purity

  • Pure essential oils extracted directly from the plant source with no additives ever added
  • 100% Organic - Our oils are harvested using only sustainable and ethical practices
  • Gas chromatographic analysis done on every batch to ensure the highest quality botanicals
  • Every oils is traceable to its source

Essential Oils Kits

Pure Essential Oils Kit


The purifying essential oils set contains 6 complementary essential oils, including the soothing Lavender oil, the energizing Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils, the purifying Lemon and Rosemary oils, as well as the detoxifying Tea Tree essential oil.

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Illuminating Essential Oil Kit


The illuminating essential oil set contains 3 uplifting essential oil blends that aim to enlighten your mind and brighten up your mood. This kit includes the refreshing Mental Energizer blend, the zesty Positively Citrus blend, and the calming Mountain Forest blend.

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Empowering Essential Oil Kit


This empowering essential oil set contains 3 harmonious essential oil blends that tend to your every need, including the mood-balancing Sweet Restoration blend, the restoring Deep Rest blend, and the immunity-boosting Breathe Easy blend. 

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Learn More About Essential Oils

Use our series of guides to help educate your self on the power of essential oils and how you can best use them in your day.