The Easiest Way To Make Lacto Fermented Foods - Guaranteed!

Step 1

Step 1

Prepare Your Recipe

Step 2

Step 2

Fill Your Mason Jar

Step 3

Step 3

Put On Your Easy Lid


The Smartest Waterless Airlock System On The Market

The Smartest Waterless Airlock System On The Market

We have been fermenting in mason jars for years, so naturally we have tested every type of solution that’s out there.

And the truth is, most of them do an alright job of doing what they do.  They help keep the oxygen out, but let the carbon dioxide escape. Problem is, that’s all they do and they are a real pain to use.

After using these solution for hundreds of ferments, we became increasingly fed up with them.  They required multiple pieces, were clunky to assemble and needed to be filled with water.  They are also large and difficult to store while fermenting.

We knew there was a better way, we just had to invent it.

Our waterless airlock valve is a one way breathable valve without any of the hassles of the conventional airlock.  Our lid is designed specifically for fermenting so you never have to deal with those clunky airlocks again.

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The Built In Date Tracker Helps You Keep Track Of All Of Your Ferments

Fermenting isn’t hard. It can be intimidating for some, but anyone who has the right equipment and a couple of ferments under their belts will tell you, it’s actually pretty easy.

You just follow a recipe and let nature work some lacto fermenting magic. Just watch how salt turns the sugars in the veggies into deliciously good fermented food.

The challenge, and what makes a successful ferment is getting the timing right. Too soon, your batch is salty and raw, too long it’s sour and not eatable.

The biggest challenge we always faced was keeping track of our ferments.

There is often more than one batch going and it gets difficult to keep track of when each batch started or more importantly when they were supposed to be finished.

That’s why we decided to integrate a date tracker into each lid, so you know exactly when that batch is nearing the end of its fermenting cycle. You can then begin to taste and determine if it's finished.

Problem solved. No more soured batches

The Built In Date Tracker Helps You Keep Track Of All Of Your Ferments

The Easy Tab Handle Helps You Open Stubborn Jars

The Easy Tab Handle Helps You Open Stubborn Jars

There are few things as frustrating as those jars that just won’t open. You waited patiently for 30 days for your batch of sauerkraut to finish, only to be held hostage by a lid that’s jammed.

Your delicious fermented batch sitting on your counter top and you can’t get it open.

We know the feeling well.

So we incorporated an easy twist tab into the Easy Fermenter. This ensures you have the leverage to open those hard to crack jars.

We think you are going to love it.

The Oxygen Extraction Pump Guarantees Mold Free Ferment

Mold is your enemy. It can take over your ferment and before you know it, ruins your batch. Sometimes it’s obvious and you know you have to throw your veggies away, other times the mold grows unbeknownst to you and can be dangerously ingested by accident.

When you ferment with the Easy Fermenter, the one-way valve ensures that no oxygen can enter and that any oxygen in the jar is pushed out when the carbon dioxide is produced.

Here’s the thing though, when your batch is almost done, it’s time to test. And if you ferment like us, you are always opening, closing, opening your jars, trying to get that batch just right.

Problem is, this is when your batch is most likely to grow mold. You are letting the oxygen in, but there is not the level of carbon dioxide to push the oxygen out.

This is why we included the pump. By extracting the oxygen out at the later stages of the fermenting we are guaranteeing you will never see mold in your batch capped with an Easy Fermenter Lid.

The Oxygen Extraction Pump Guarantees Mold Free Ferment

A Minimal Profile Makes Storing Easy And Out The Way

A Minimal Profile Makes Storing Easy And Out The Way

We are always fermenting. Once you get your groove, we know you will be too.

As much as we love fermenting though, we don’t really want our fermenting jars always on display.

With those clunky 3 piece water airlock systems, the jars are just too tall to be properly stored. It drove us nuts.

They were always on our countertop.

We knew we needed a lid that could be easily put away while some of those longer 30 day batches go to work.

The low profile of the Easy Fermenter Lid ensures that you can store it just about anywhere you can fit your mason jar.

Another reason we know you will choose to ferment the easy way.

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The Easy Fermenter is designed to be used when fermenting any thing that needs an anaerobic environment to thrive. This includes but not limited to ferments such as vegetables, fruits, jams etc.

Fermentation times can vary greatly depending on time on what you are fermenting as well as your specific environment. Our included recipe book will help give you a good idea of estimated fermenting times.