The Fermenting Mastery Course

The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
The Fermenting Mastery Course
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The Fast and Easy Way To Master The Art Of Fermentation and Never Feel Nervous About Fermenting Ever Again!

Dear Fermenting Enthusiast,

Have you ever wondered how to improve the flavor, appearance and texture of your ferments? Do you want to go beyond just pickles and sauerkraut?  Would you like to be confident enough to experiment with your own creative recipes? Or are you just looking for the detailed instructions you need to get started?

When I started fermenting, I had exactly the same questions and concerns. I wanted to improve my diet, eat more probiotics, and impress my family with delicious tasting, home-made ferments.

I didn’t have any friends who could help me. No one passed down any fermenting family secrets.

I Had To Figure It Out All By Myself – But You Don’t Have To

I had to discover exactly why my ferments didn’t taste quite right, and get the right balance of flavor with no bitterness. I had to figure out what to do about kahm yeast, and learn the difference between yeast and mold. I had to determine how much my ferments were supposed to bubble and fizz. And, over many years, I had to build up the confidence to go beyond the recipes I’d found and create my own ideas.

If you’d like to gain expertise and confidence without the years of trial and error, then I’ve got great news for you.

Take a look at this:

We’ve created a complete, professionally produced video training course that reveals EVERYTHING we know about fermenting.

It’s Called “Learn To Ferment Any Vegetable.”

In this course, you’ll learn:

► A cheap, simple, do-it-yourself fermentation trick that gives your ferments a sharp, tangy flavor.

► The real reason our ancestors made a habit of pickling and fermenting, and how it can save you money today…and maybe save your life tomorrow.

► The sneaky ways that professional chefs get their kids to eat healthier and start cooking for themselves.

► A unique way to create delicious ferments WITHOUT using a scale or weighing anything at all.

► A “lazy person’s” way to incorporate fermented foods into your everyday diet

► The “fine wine” fermenting technique that can turn ordinary meals into something special – and we aren’t talking about alcohol.

►How to pick up almost any vegetable for a fraction of the price.

► A secret, almost automatic way to know your ferments will always turn out great – even weeks before you can taste them.

► Detailed strategies to help you get adventurous with traditional fermentation recipes, and even go beyond using recipes at all.

► The real reason you should never buy commercially fermented foods from the supermarket if you value your health.

► A simple, two second trick to make sure your ferments never turn rotten or moldy.

► Four simple ingredients to add incredible complexity and depth of flavor to your ferments.

► The unusual way they ferment in the Middle East, and step-by-step instructions to help you do the same.

► How to create ferments with a large amount of probiotics to help preserve your digestive health.

► A delicious ferment that is ready to eat in just 15 minutes.

► The best place to store your ferments, and exactly how long you should be fermenting them before storing in the fridge.

► How to avoid the embarrassing mistakes that even experienced fermenters make.

► A simple tip that can massively reduce your risk of spoilage.

► How to make authentically Korean kimchi yourself, and have it turn out better than even the most expensive kimchi you could buy.

► The simplest, easiest, lowest effort way to make tangy fermented hot sauce where you control the heat level.

And, most importantly of all:


► A complete set of detailed, step-by-step instructions that will give you the confidence to create ferments that you’re proud of, every single time. Even when you make up your own recipes and techniques!

The course contains FOURTEEN professionally produced videos – That’s TWO HOURS of Content

Remember, These Aren’t Just Recipe Videos…

They are designed to give you the skills, the information and the confidence you need to experiment and come up with your own recipes that you can be proud of.

And That Isn’t All…

Full Written Course Outline

It isn’t always convenient to watch videos in the kitchen, so we’ve created a full written course outline that you can read at your leisure. That means there will never be any confusion about the details. We’ve made this course as fool-proof as possible.

Fermenting Cheat Sheet

We’ve also created a fermenting cheat sheet. This is a one-page guide to fool-proof creativity. On this sheet, you’ll get the exact brine strength percentages required to ferment 26 common foods and mixed food items. You’ll also get a fool-proof method to make the perfect strength brine without using a scale, so you can ferment anywhere, anytime.

An Incredible Value That Will Pay For Itself Ten Times Over

Imagine how much money you’ll save when you are completely confident about fermenting. You’ll never have to buy a jar of pickles, a bottle of hot sauce, or a jar of sauerkraut ever again.

Plus, you’ll be able to create “specialty foods” that would cost a fortune, with cheap ingredients, right there in your own kitchen.

And that’s without even going into the incredible health benefits of eating home made fermented foods, and how much that could save you on pills, potions and trips to the doc over the course of your life.

That’s why when we started making this course, we thought $100 was more than reasonable.

After all, you’d only have to create 10 jars of kraut, 5 bottles of hot sauce and 10 jars of pickles to save $100 on your grocery store bill – and most families could easily go through that in three months.

But we realized that would be a big barrier to entry to many people. Not many regular people have a spare $100 to throw around, and we didn’t want money to stop you improving your health.

So We Decided To Do Something A Little Crazy

We realized our goal is to help a LOT of new fermenters, so we decided to make this course super affordable and offer it for $47. After all, we could always double or triple the price in future and it would still be super valuable.

So for a very limited time, you can buy this course for just… $47

Try It Out Completely Risk Free –

If You Don’t Like It Get 100% Of Your Money Back

Order Now

P.S. Do you know what it’s like to surprise your family with a delicious, healthy ferment that you’ve created? Something exactly to their tastes that you could never buy in stores, because it’s your very own recipe? This course contains all of the information, techniques and confidence building recipes to make that dream a reality.