About us

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates

Fermentation is as old as life itself. At some point, humans learned to guide the process to repeat especially tasty results. These processes have been handed down and passed around, creating beloved foods and national dishes.

Lacto-fermented vegetables provide a viable source of probiotics (at a cost well below most supplements) to heal and maintain a healthy gut. These beneficial microorganisms attach to receptors in our guts that send a signal to the immune system that says everything is okay, no need to overreact to foods and other things entering the gut, let’s keep everything calm.

If you are dealing with multiple allergies, chances are your gut is out of balance and is in need of a daily dose of beneficial microorganisms. These crispy, sour, salty vegetables are highly effective, easy and economical way to maintain a healthy gut.

We’ve tried fermenting all types of different vegetables, but our problem was always the equipment needed to produce small batch fermented foods. Being the perfect size to produce we naturally used mason jars, but we always had a problem with gassing and oxygen getting into each batch.

This produced moldy ferments that were messy and always exploding all over our kitchen. So we decided to try the airlock lid that is widely available. We just didn’t like it. It took up a lot of space. The airlock was always coming lose. And all it took was a knock and the batch was ruined.

So we invented The Easy Fermenter Lids. The simplest, set it and forget it fermenting solution there is on the market. We took valve technology taken from the medical industry to ensure that gas can get out and no air can get in. It’s small, it won't spill and it produces delicious mold free ferments.