The Best Wellness Is What You Make Yourself!

Welcome Wellness Makers. We’re here to support you.

The Best Wellness Is What You Make Yourself!

Welcome Wellness Makers. We’re here to support you.

For most of us... 600,000 and counting... being a Wellness Maker starts with small, incremental daily changes and noticing how good it feels to...

Being a wellness maker starts with paying more attention to your body.

When do you feel bloated or sluggish?
What helps you feel completely energised and in the flow?
What affects your mood?
Do you want more energy? More sleep? More focus and ability to concentrate for long periods?
What helps you drift off into a deep sleep...
and what keeps your mind racing and your body twitching?

Next, have fun and experiment.

Keep it simple with one of our maker kits.


To release stress and soothe anxiety through restorative self care and cultivated calmness

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To drift into a restful, undisturbed slumber that detoxifies and revives organs systems and cells

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To lift mood and balance hormones for a joyful inner state that shines happiness on everyone

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To ease minor muscle aches pains while helping manage recurring inflammation

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Or select individual products and wellness tools.

Each and every small thing you make and action you take empowers you to try something else, take another little step towards feeling more alive and energized than you ever imagined.

Enjoy tremendous satisfaction knowing you made things yourself and share the love with a friend, family member, or our online Wellness Maker community.

Give yourself new wellness challenges.

Take one of our Wellness Maker courses and learn simple actions (like using a vacuum pump to keep fruits and veggies fresher longer) and new things you can make. (It’s pretty crazy that they don’t teach us basic wellness making in school, when you think about it.)


How Will You Make Your Wellness?