My Mason Makes... Multi-purpose Lids… Pour Pack

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These lids screw on to any wide-mouth jar and come with a variety of caps and attachments so that you can store dry goods, as well as filter and pour beverages. The air-tight caps are spill-proof and the easy slide-on handle turns your jar into a pouring jug. Stock up and store plenty of healthy dry goods and liquids for easy use throughout your week. 

Kit Includes: 

  • 2 Wide Mouth Lids (Jars Not Included) 
  • 2 Air-tight Caps 
  • 2 Flip Caps
  • 2 Handles
  • 1 Fine Screen
  • 1 Coarse Screen
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Laurie Wilson

Great, very sturdy, quality lids.
Comes apart completely for easy cleaning!

Dani Gibson
My Mason Makes

I love the kit! It has been in use since the day it arrived!

Bob G
Best Purchase I Have Made in 2020

I am loving My Mason Makes Lids! I love that they have the built-in "strainer." I use them for my 1/2 gallon Ball jars and slice up a lemon and 3" of Ginger Root. Then fill up the jar with filtered water and I have tasty, healthy water that lasts several days. I usually refill the jar 1 or 2 times before replacing the lemon and the ginger. My Mason Makes Lids is a great product!!!!!!

Barbara Jespersen
Awesome Lids and Handles

You will love how easy it is to turn a half gallon mason jar into a beverage container. It has a lid to seal securely and a no-drip pouring spout. This is the perfect solution to bringing drinks on a picnic or road trip.

Carolyn Dierksen
Perfect solution for handling and serving goats’ milk on small farm

While searching for a glass pitcher to serve milk from my Nubian goat, I came across your pour and store lids for half-gallon jars. When I milk I strain the fresh milk into these jars for cooling in an ice bath and storage. Your lids solved my problem of how to conveniently serve the milk without having to transfer it into another glass container. I love them. I ordered two more sets for friends who also milk goats. Anxiously awaiting arrival of my fermenting kit.