Delicious Easy to Follow Fermented Cinnamon Apples Recipe

Fermented Cinnamon Apples are a delicious snack that you can enjoy on the go. Its distinct flavor is reminiscent of a tasty apple pie, while still packing all the vitamins and nutrients you can expect to receive from fermented foods.

Before we get into how to make Fermented Cinnamon Apples, let’s first talk about how to enjoy them and why they’re good for you.

What to Do with Fermented Cinnamon Apples

The fermentation involves submerging the apples in water, meaning they are very juicy treats. They make a great on-the-go snack.  The apples can be eaten exactly as they are, blended into a smoothie or added into a salad for extra flavor.

Why We Love Fermented Cinnamon Apples:

  • Helps control bad cholesterol levels
  • Helps keep the digestive system healthy
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Lowers the risk of metabolic conditions, digestive disorders and certain types of cancers
  • Aids in weight loss


So, let’s get to it! Here’s everything you need to know to make your own Fermented Cinnamon Apples:


  • 1 teaspoon of Celtic sea or Himalayan salt
  • 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon
  • Freshly squeezed juice of 1 whole lemon
  • 2 tablespoons of fermented tea from a SCOBY or kefir water. You can also use existing brine from a previous ferment but this could have an effect on overall taste.
  • 3 or 4 organic sweet apples
  • Water


  • Glass mason jar (it doesn’t have to be sterilized, just thoroughly cleaned)
  • Easy Fermenter Lid


  1. Mix salt, cinnamon, lemon juice and starter culture in a medium sized bowl. 
  2. Cut the apples into quarters, ensuring all seeds have been removed. Chop apples finer and the add to mixing bowl.
  3. Pack the into the mason jar and fill with water, leaving about an inch of space at the top for expansion.
  4. Place the Easy Fermenter Lidon or loosely screw a regular lid.
  5. Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight for 48 hours.


And just like that, you’ll have some Fermented Cinnamon Apples for the whole family to enjoy! Needing some more help? Here are some handy tips picked up from veteran fermenters:

Use Non-chlorinated Water

Chlorinated water can prevent a successful fermentation. That’s why it is better to use filtered water, not tap water for all your fermenting recipes. You can use a filter to get rid of the chlorine or you can simply leave the water in a bowl or pot overnight. Chlorine evaporates in 12-24 hours. 

Use A Plate to Catch Overflow

If you don’t use our Easy Fermenter Lid, place the mason jar on a small plate during the fermentation process to catch the overflow that can occur during fermentation.

Add More Water Whenever Necessary

The jar needs enough of water to complete the fermentation process. If you notice that the water levels drop significantly and pieces of the apple are no longer submerged, top your jar up with more filtered water.

Storing Your Fermented Cinnamon Apples

After the 48-hour fermentation process has completed, transfer your mason jar into the fridge to slow down further fermentation. When stored like this, your Fermented Cinnamon Apples should last up to 6 months, though they are best enjoyed within 3 months of the fermentation process starting.

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